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Everything else has it’s own case… why not your toothbrush?

So why Schelle? Pretty much every accessory we have comes in a case either for protection, style or practicality, so why should your toothbrush be any different? With over 65% of UK adults owning an electric toothbrush they have become a key aspect of our daily oral health, often with a significant price tag attached, so why not protect your investment and make sure it is kept safe and clean, and easily to hand every time you need it.
The Schelle electric toothbrush case is the result of 25+ years on the road…

“Years of trying every conceivable way to carry my electric toothbrush without it accidentally switching on, draining the battery and causing huge embarrassment as fellow travellers try to guess what’s vibrating in my case!" - G McCall, Founder

Compatible with the majority of Oral B brushes plus many other brands, the case is compact enough to neatly fit into the bathroom cabinet, a travel suitcase or small overnight bag. The rigid construction will prevent the brush from accidentally being switched on during transport so no more flat batteries when you need it most. With 8 colours to choose from, they’re great for all the family, so everyone’s brush can be kept clean and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

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Schelle Electric Toothbrush Travel Cases Benefit Icons

We’re extremely proud that the Schelle concept was designed, developed and realised right here in the UK. With the expert help of graduates from Loughborough University, the initial design was taken from the drawing board to CAD model. We then worked closely with our sole UK manufacturing partner to move from model to finished product. As a result, manufacturing in the UK simplifies our supply chain and allows us to manage and replenish our local stocks, meaning you're always assured your Schelle is available and ready for immediate delivery.

We are not traders or agents, Schelle is our project and our product.
It’s unique to us and unique to you.

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